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This grant fund closed on 19th June 2020.


Small grants from £50 - £1,000 are available for voluntary and community groups and social enterprises to encourage more people in Greater Manchester to walk more during social distancing restrictions.

We are particularly looking for applications that encourage people who are usually less active or inactive to start or increase the amount they walk whilst following social distancing guidelines.

We would like groups to think creatively about how they can encourage walking that adheres to Government guidelines on social distancing. We would expect that applicants also think about how delivery may be adapted in the event that Government guidelines change, for example, if restrictions are tightened or lifted further. Below are two examples of how GM Walking funded groups adapted delivery during lockdown to encourage engagement in regular walking.
Cartwheel Arts

Organisations will become part of a network that promotes and supports walking across Greater Manchester.

GMCVO are giving out the grants on behalf of Greater Manchester Moving who have received funding from Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership to support as many people as possible to walk more regularly. For more information about the Greater Manchester Walking initiative go to


To be eligible to apply for the grants applicants must:

  • Be a constituted Voluntary, Community or Social Enterprise organisation (VCSE) operating in Greater Manchester for the benefit of Greater Manchester residents (also includes Glossop)

  • Have a bank account requiring two signatures in the name of a VCSE organisation

  • If applicable to the people taking part in the activity, have in place an up to date safeguarding policy with staff and/or volunteers undertaking DBS check’s if appropriate to the role

  • Have signed up to the Walking Voice network 

  • Be willing to undertake a simple evaluation of your project

  • Give permission for GMCVO, GM Moving and GM Walking to feature your project on their website.


Successful applications will:

  • Have a main focus on encouraging people who are usually less active or inactive to walk more during social distancing restrictions

  • Adequately explain your idea as to how and when your project would be delivered and how you would adapt delivery if restrictions were to change (activities must end by 31st March 2021)

  • Give a detailed explanation of costs and how they relate to the idea

  • Tell us who and how many people are likely to take part

  • Explain how you know your project is needed and wanted by the people who will be taking part

  • Explain clearly how you will encourage people who are usually less active or inactive to take part.

Please note that this is a rolling programme, but we will be reviewing how and where the grants are being allocated on a regular basis and as a result we may change eligibility and criteria in order to target certain areas and communities.

This grant fund closed on 19th June 2020.

If you have any questions please email

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