Greater Manchester Funders Forum

The Greater Manchester Funders Forum is jointly supported by GMCVO and 10GM, and facilitated by GMCVO.

The Forum exists to enable independent grant makers, social investors and public sector funders to collaborate and coordinate programmes. By bringing funders together we aim to:

•    Provide the opportunities to share intelligence, perspectives and understanding of need 
•    Enable greater alignment of plans and therefore more strategic investment and impact 
•    Reduce unintentional duplication and gaps
•    Attract additional resources into Greater Manchester

The Greater Manchester Funders Forum is being funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.

The Forum provides funders with opportunities to collaborate, align their work and share intelligence.

Why are we doing it?

It is important that we bring national and local funders together to share intelligence, perspective and understanding, as well as encouraging and supporting the collaboration and alignment of work to prevent duplications and ensure support is available where it is needed.

The current coronavirus pandemic makes establishing a funders forum really important and due to this crisis there have been large amounts of funding distributed across GM. Now more than ever we think it is important for funders to have a place to connect and share information about where funding is going, challenges they may be facing, what their priorities are and also to share good practice.

How can you get involved?

To sign up to the forum please email Sharon Summers EMAIL SHARON

We will send you information about events and share reports and data where relevant.