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GM Social Investment - case studies

We have now invested in ten organisations! We are working with them to produce case studies so you can see what they're using the investment for and how it's going to make a difference to their social impact. 

LBC Lifeline Resources Ltd, £15,000 (July 2018) to trade and develop markets in the UK for speciality tea from Kenya.

WHAG Community Enterprises CIC, £50,000 (July 2018) to employ a Development Manager and Training Manager for the organisation. WHAG CIC was set up to support the WHAG charity, who support and empower vulnerable women and people affected by domestic abuse.

MhIST, £50,000 (April 2018) to fund a marketing campaign and recruit a business development officer and sales administrator.

Goddard CCP CIC, £50,000 (March 2018) to recruit a sales manager. Goddard case study.

Project.INC. £32,000 (March 2018) for staff recruitment and premises costs to open another base.

Gaydio CIC, £35,000 (March 2018) to recruit a sales team manager and renovate/repair their office environment and equipment. Gaydio CIC is a radio station specifically serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community and also provides training and development opportunities for LGBT people.

Involved (Salford), £10,000 (March 2018) staff time to enable more support for volunteers and to further monitor their social impact.

Sow the City, £41,900 (January 2018) to help them develop the Boiler House site and grow their team - Sow the City case study.

Cartwheel Arts, £50,000 (December 2017) to develop their 'Wellbeing Dominos' game and recruit a part time sales worker - Cartwheel Arts case study.

MadLab, £50,000 (November 2017) to develop a brand and identity for MadLab's training courses and recruit additional staff.

TLC: Talk Listen Change, £50,000 (November 2017) to run a year long marketing campaign across Greater Manchester - TLC case study.

More case studies coming soon...


Good Finance also have a number of case studies to show how organisations across the UK are already using social investment.

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