Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation

The Greater Manchester Mayor and the VCSE Sector – an election hustings

Please turn out in strength for these hustings! This is our chance to put questions and requests to the candidates in advance of the election.

The newly elected Mayor of Greater Manchester will be a significant figure. They will have significant decision-making powers in their own right over transport, housing and planning, fire and police services and will also wield considerable “soft power” within the GMCA. They could have a big effect on the future of all VCSE organisations and our ambitions.

See candidate details below:

  • Sean Anstee - Conservative - CONFIRMED
  • Andy Burnham - Labour - CONFIRMED
  • Jane Brophy - Liberal Democrat - INVITED
  • Peter Clifford - Communist League - UNABLE TO CONTACT
  • Stephen Morris - English Democrats - INVITED
  • Schneur Odze - UKIP - INVITED
  • William Patterson - Green Party - CONFIRMED

Full details and to book through the link

Tuesday, 7 March 2017