Greater Manchester Social Enterprise Network

The Greater Manchester Social Enterprise Network (GMSEN) is a network hosted by GMCVO, serving the wider Greater Manchester social enterprise (SE) sector. GMSEN is a 'network of networks', so we work closely with SE networks across Greater Manchester, and across different thematic focuses.

GMSEN showcases SE across Greater Manchester and connects SEs with each other, with the networks and organisations who can support them and with opportunities for business and growth. The GMSEN website houses a free to register directory, designed to help customers find enterprises in Greater Manchester that they can buy from or trade with. It is also intended to help individuals, businesses and organisations find enterprises they may wish to support according to their social impact.

Connect with other SEs, discover resources and information to support your work and gain opportunities for collaboration and business

Why are we doing it?

We understand that networks and systems of mutual support are a fundamental element of a vibrant ecosystem for social enterprise (SE). The priority for this network is that it is useful to SEs in GM, so the network promotes existing networks and ways of accessing support and resources.

GMSEN aligns with GMCVO’s strategic objective both to strengthen and raise the profile of the Greater Manchester VCSE sector – in this case the social enterprise sector. GMSEN seeks to build a social enterprise movement for Greater Manchester that is more confident, coherent and more wide-reaching.

With representatives from social enterprise networks across the city region and through consultation with the wider SE sector, GMSEN advocates at a strategic policy level for the development of social enterprise in Greater Manchester.

How can you get involved?

Visit the GMSEN website to find out more  VISIT WEBSITE