Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation

Quarter of Greater Manchester groups could close, warns GMCVO director

One in four voluntary sector organisations in Greater Manchester could close due to spending cuts, according to GMCVO’s director, Alex Whinnom.
Speaking on BBC Radio Manchester on 21st December (see link below), Alex Whinnom warned that 25 per cent of the sub-region's 10,000+ organisations could be hit. As most organisations have no reserves, the impact of a delay in funding can be as damaging as a cut, and most groups do not know if they will get funded beyond March.
He said that the drop in public funding due to the Government's spending review will be drastic for such groups, adding: "I expect a quarter could disappear”.
Groups which have spoken to the BBC off the record said they were concerned that increasing unemployment would lead to an increase in people with mental health problems, more homeless people and more people with drink and drug problems at a time when councils are withdrawing support.