Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation

Health and social care devolution

On 1st April 2016, Greater Manchester took control of £6 billion of public funding for health and social care, giving us the power to take charge of health and wellbeing in our communities.
There is a published strategy, Taking Charge of our Health and Social Care in Greater Manchester “to ensure the greatest and fastest possible improvement to the health and wellbeing of the 2.7 million citizens of Greater Manchester” by using shrinking resources better. Involvement of the VCSE sector in consultation, design and delivery will be essential.

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♦ The GM VCSE Devolution Reference Group is a small group of people from support organisations and service providers, who are working to strengthen the voice and involvement of the VCSE sector in devolution. They are collaborating closely with GMCVO. For more information on the reference group, please see attached document below. 

♦ The best place for general information is There’s a very useful monthly newsletter produced by the Health and Social Care Partnership Team to which you can subscribe.

♦ Details of the Health and Social Care Strategic Partnership Board meetings are published – papers are usually published around the time of the meeting.

♦ A list of people involved in the development of Locality Plans (one for each local government district) and the individual plans can be found here.

♦ Here are some Reports and Briefings by GMCVO and the local VCSE sector

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