Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation

Learning Exchange

An opportunity for cross-sector sharing around leadership practices.

Learning Exchange, linked to the Leaders in GM programme, is a mechanism by which leaders can connect with each other to share their learning and create ongoing relationships across sectors. As leaders develop a greater understanding of their communities, leadership practices and methods of working, we believe collaboration and sharing of good practice can help improve the lives of Greater Manchester citizens.

So far we have made successful matches with people from GMCA, local authorities, GM Police, CCGs and others and linked them with people from VCSE organisations.

GMCA are now working towards The Greater Manchester Model of public service delivery. This sets out a way of working that is focused around relationships with citizens, neighbourhoods and colleagues and will embed place-based working in all public services across GM. To achieve this goal, leaders from all sectors will have to work closely together in localities and beyond. Learning Exchange is a way of encouraging collaborative working, necessary for implementing the GM Model.

The values and approaches of the VCSE sector are closely linked to the GM Model. Through this opportunity we can share our experiences around place-based leadership, and our learning around the successes and challenges of:

• Collaborative working and shared leadership
• Preventative approaches
• Co-design and co-production
• Asset based approaches
• Working using a bottom up approach
• Focusing on what matters to people
• Empowering people and focusing on good physical, mental and social wellbeing
• Measuring what matters to people

This list only highlights examples. Your match could be around a shared interest, place, service, or specific way of working. You may have an idea of a person or organisation that you would really like to find out more about - please state this on your application. The experience is tailored to fit your needs. What is important is that leaders from different sectors are learning from each other.

Learning Exchange is open to leaders from across Greater Manchester from voluntary and community organisations, social enterprises and the public service. You need not be a leader by title but someone who leads through action and ideas based on the needs of our people and communities. 

We both came away with new knowledge and ideas that are really useful as we are in similar situations in our current roles. We also came away with an action plan that we had asked of each other. Overall great productive session.” Jo, GMCA

A really positive experience – was able to make connections which do not come up in ‘formal meetings’. Developed a better understanding of individual organisation and people and their individual experience of the ‘strategic intention’. Was also helpful for making further connections across GM which were mutually beneficial.” Thomas, GMCA

When I applied for the Learning Exchange I had requested to be paired up with an organisation that uses co-production approaches to develop services and policy. I learnt how the Booth Centre recruits volunteers and peer mentors and how they contribute to the Booth Centre. The learning exchange was also a really good networking opportunity. I found it really easy to apply for the learning exchange and the experience was organised really quickly.” Rosie, Manchester City Council

If you would like to take part then please fill in the short form below and GMCVO will match you up as closely as possible depending on your requirements.

All we ask is that you spend one day together over the next six months. This could be a full day, or two half days or a series of meetings and can be done using a variety of methods – for example: work shadowing, exchange visit, experience day or mentoring.

Expressions of interest open on 5th February 2019 and we would like leaders to spend one day together in the next six months (by 31st July 2019).

We would like to match up to 40 VCSE leaders to a minimum of 40 public service leaders – there may be group visits to a voluntary organisation so more public service leaders can take part.

If you would like to talk about this opportunity then please contact Thea Monk on 0161 277 1019.