Addressing Severe and Multiple Disadvantages in LGBT Communities

LGBT Foundation’s new report unveils some of the profound disadvantages and stark inequalities faced by LGBT people across their lives. These findings will lead many of us to ask ourselves what can be done to prevent and overcome these disadvantages. 

Today LGBT Foundation have released an innovative and unique piece of research titled ‘You build your own family, that’s how you get through it: Understanding LGBT people’s experiences of severe and multiple disadvantage’, which has been funded by Lankelly Chase. This research tells the stories of a cohort of LGBT people who have faced severe and multiple disadvantage through their lives. In places these disadvantages were unrelated to participants’ LGBT identities however it was abundantly clear throughout that LGBTphobic discrimination, bullying and rejection had had a lasting and pernicious impact.

These disadvantages were further compounded by a lack of adequate support; it was felt that services did not understand the ways in which being LGBT can impact someone’s life and didn’t know how to provide support that takes into account someone’s LGBT identity.

This research has demonstrated that substantial and far reaching changes are needed to ensure firstly that LGBT people are provided with the right support to overcome the impacts of severe and multiple disadvantages and more importantly so that LGBT people don’t experience severe and multiple disadvantage in the first place. LGBT Foundation firmly believes that any research that we carry out should be used to enable change. As the first step in achieving this change we have used the findings to create six recommendations aimed primarily at commissioners, policymakers, employers and public sector bodies. These recommendations are by no means comprehensive, but have been put forwards as they are the most tangible, succinct and impactful if implemented, and best capture the depth and range of the changes needed to make a positive difference.

Read more here. 

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