Ambition for Ageing extended until March 2022

GMCVO-led programme Ambition for Ageing (AfA) are delighted to announce that they have been awarded extension funding from The National Lottery Community Fund that will see the programme continue through to the end of March 2022.

Ambition for Ageing is a part of Ageing Better; a seven-year, £78 million investment to improve the lives of people aged over 50 by addressing social isolation and loneliness within local communities.

The AfA team will be continuing to share their learning to address gaps that have emerged following the Coronavirus outbreak and produce further learning in relation to communities and ageing, as well as evidence linked to wider community development approaches. They will continue to work on the GMCA’s Ageing in Place programme by working with Local Authorities to identify community leadership in specific low-income communities and deliver a streamlined microfunding scheme all ten Greater Manchester local areas. They will be also microfunding activities in the 53 neighbourhoods accredited as ‘age-friendly’ through the Mayoral Challenge.

AfA have already begun work this winter to support Greater Manchester organisations to support marginalised older people with keeping well this winter through a series of briefing sessions.


  • LGBT Foundation

The LGBT Foundation previously supported the Equalities Board. Going forward, we will be developing a project to support the development of community groups for LGBT people who have shared interests but live outside of dense population centres, guided by our work on engaging with dispersed groups.

  • The Greater Manchester Older People’s Network (GMOPN), supported by Macc

Alongside continued work to ensuring older people’s voices are heard in GM policy and strategy, the GMOPN will deliver campaigns to build the profile of older people’s voices across GM and work to change public perceptions of older people.

  • Manchester Institute for Collaborative research on Ageing (MICRA) based at the University of Manchester

Working with MICRA, we will continue to review equalities messages from the programme and build upon research already taking place on marginalised communities. We will be continuing with our regular seminar programme on a variety of academic topics related to ageing, the first taking place Spring 2021.

  • Greater Manchester BAME Network

AfA's research on BAME* communities has highlighted the need for much more specific community research so we will look to produce small insights reports into BAME community organisations with the support of the GM BAME Network, as well as to support BAME leaders to play a stronger role in policy development.

The AfA team are looking forward to working togethe with partners to continue to reach and support older people through the difficult months ahead, and would like to thanks the National Lottery Community Fund for enabling them to do so.

*GMCVO uses the BAME acronym as we believe it is widely understood, but we acknowledge many feel this term is inadequate and limiting. We are therefore currently reviewing of our use of the term. Our principle is to refer to individuals, organisations or networks by the terminology they themselves prefer.

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