Award for GMCVO Researcher, Susanne Martikke

Our researcher, Susanne Martikke has had her work recognised by an award.

Susanne was awarded Academic of the Year at the Europia Women’s Awardsat a ceremony which took place in January 2018.

Europia is a voluntary organisation which engages European expats across Greater Manchester so that they prosper in their communities. The Europia Women’s Awards celebrate the successes of European women in Greater Manchester, showing to the world the extraordinary things women do for the benefit of our communities. Awards were presented in 8 different categories, ranging from the arts and education to entrepreneurship and businesses.

Susanne has more than twelve years’ experience of conducting research with and about the voluntary sector in Greater Manchester, much of which has been in partnership with academics at local and national universities. Susanne also hosts the Greater Manchester Third Sector Research Network, a forum where practitioners and academics with an interest in third sector research come together to support each other. Both Susanne’s research and her leadership of the network has helped to build and strengthen links between academics and communities in Greater Manchester.

Acknowledging the award, Susanne said “I was lucky to find an employer like GMCVO when I moved to Manchester in 2005. I'm grateful for the fact that the organisation has provided me with a solid foundation for building my life in Manchester and for making a meaningful contribution to the local community. At a personal level GMCVO has felt a bit like a family for me, the role of employers like GMCVO for European and other migrants is invaluable."

Susanne’s most recent work includes a briefing on Social Value, which is the first phase of a GMCVO joint project with the University of Manchester about the role of local organisations in facilitating social capital. This forms part of her work on a PhD in Sociology at the University of Manchester, in collaboration with GMCVO.

Patsy Hodson, GMCVO Chair commented “Susanne’s success is very well deserved. She makes a significant contribution to the work of GMCVO and the VCSE sector generally, particularly through her work in the Greater Manchester Third Sector Research Network, which successfully brings the worlds of the practitioners and researchers together on the some of the most pertinent social issues of today.”

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