Be Clear, Remove Fear: Reviewing a role at the Audience Agency

The Greater Manchester’s Hidden Talent Youth Panel reviewed a job role advertised by the Audience Agency – an organisation that helps the cultural sector build reach, relevance, and resilience through research and insight.

This review was part of the Youth Panel’s ongoing Be Clear, Remove Fear campaign – reviewing entry level job adverts for their accessibility.

The now live role is a Youth Evaluator on the ‘Our Shared Cultural Heritage’ project. Applicants will be aged 16-21 and so, recognising the value of having the role reviewed by its target audience, Dr. Kerry Massheder-Rigby, a consultant at the Agency, got in touch with the Panel through our partners at GMYN.

The Youth Panel discuss the Audience Agency's role

The Panel engaged in activities led by GMCVO Employer Engagement Officer Ben Reese, to help break down the job advert. One exercise involved plotting visually on a line how confident they felt about what the role was for, and whether it encouraged them to apply. Another exercise, using the visual aid of toy cars on a race track, had the youth panel place their car to represent how far away they felt they were from applying, whilst building labelled barriers to represent what was stopping them from crossing the finishing line of submitting an application.

These exercises helped develop a discussion surrounding the application – and where the Youth Panel felt it could be improved.


"Their perspective was invaluable and they provided well-reasoned and thoughtful suggestions on how to improve the role description”

The Youth Panel felt the nature of the role was interesting, but the application’s presentation undermined this. They identified important missing information – such as flexible working arrangements, location of the role, and travel requirements. Ben said: ‘The Youth Panel created their own role checklist in their first workshop. This looks at basic details such as location, which can be a barrier to young people who may rely on public transport.”

The Youth Panel identified barriers that would prevent them from applying 

After the workshop Dr Rigby said: “The Youth Panel provided clear advice on how to produce a straightforward, clear and jargon-free job advert that would appeal to young people. Their perspective was invaluable and they provided well-reasoned and thoughtful suggestions on how to improve the role description.”

The role is now live on the Audience Agency website and closes on the 26th August.

Employers interested in participating in Be Clear, Remove Fear can contact 


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