The Broughton Trust support young workers affected by the pandemic

In November 2019, we shared an uplifting story of a young person’s journey into full-time work and their becoming a licensed engineer. 
Dave Mayers, one of our Talent Coaches working at the Broughton Trust in Salford, had provided invaluable guidance, direction and practical support to this young person. 

Dave has now provided an update to this young person’s story. These new details show how invaluable long-term relationships are between young people and youth workers…

We left the journey at a point when the young person was working for Ventorex LTD, a ductwork company subcontracting for A&B Engineering. He had just been named employee of the month. 

Unfortunately, Covid-19-related interruptions led to the young person being laid off. Although paid by A&B, the young person was classed as self-employed. Because he had not been self-employed for a long enough period, the young person did not qualify for the Self-employment Income Support Scheme.

Dave had been in touch with the young person throughout their time at A&B / Ventorex.

 “He gave me a bell straight away saying ‘I need to work”, said Dave.

“Work had given him so much – structure, pride and the feeling of being treated like an equal to everyone around him.”
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Through a contact at Procure Plus – a  not for profit company specialising in procuring goods and services related to the repairs and maintenance of social housing – Dave found what looked like a suitable opportunity for the young person to work for Morgan Sindall. He spoke to them about the young person’s employment background and character background so the employer knew that this was the kind of work that he wanted to do.

Dave said: “I could see how committed and capable he’d been in his previous job and could vouch for him. I told Morgan Sindall, ‘He’s a fantastic lad and he won’t let you down.’”

Within two weeks of being laid off the young person was offered a paid work trial, following a very informal interview whilst having a tour of the site. This was enough for the employer to confirm that both parties were clear about the expectations of the role.

Since starting in the role, the young person has thrived. He was given the responsibility of carrying out health and safety checks on site, has travelled to sites to mark-up drawings and is working towards some NVQs.

“When I recently spoke to [the young man], he called me from his very own office! He was loving some of the supervisory responsibilities he’d been given. He sounded so happy and it reminded me of why we do what we do."

“Let me stress though, we’re not miracle workers. The young person wanted to change. He came to us for support saying he was eager for a more stable life. Through his hard graft, he’s achieved that.”

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