Call for interview partners from VSCE sector for research project

A researcher from the University of Manchester is looking for British volunteers and people engaged in charity in Manchester who would be interested in sharing their experiences and thoughts about the VCSE sector. This is part of the comparative project “Volunteering in the UK and China” which investigates the motivations, experiences and external conditions of volunteering in China and the UK.

The conversation about the motivations, experiences and the environment for volunteering in Manchester should take about 40 minutes and is conducted via Zoom. All participants will receive a copy of the research report once it is completed. 

Further information about the project can be found here

If you belong to the target group of British volunteers (i.e. volunteers who have been brought up in the UK) in Manchester and are interested in sharing your story, please contact Dr Katja Levy at

This call will be closed on 31st July 2022.

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