Call for new members of the GM Equality Alliance

The Greater Manchester Equality Alliance (GM=EqAl) is a Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) alliance which aims to influence policy making in Greater Manchester. 

The aim of GM=EqAl is to bring together the voices and experiences of people and communities who face disadvantage, prejudice and marginalisation to ensure that equality, diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of decision making at the highest levels in all governance structures across the GM sub-region. 

To do this we need to rapidly expand our capacity and reach!

Over the next three weeks, GM=EqAl is setting out to: 

  • Grow our network to include everyone who is determined to ensure that a fair and equitable Greater Manchester emerges from the shock of Covid-19. 

Whether you represent a tiny BAME community group or user-led advocacy group, or lead on diversity and inclusion in a local authority, we need you in the GM=EqAl network!

Sign up to the network here and please share this call widely.

  • Recruit to the GM=EqAl Working Group 

This call is for people from a wide range of backgrounds within the VCSE sector to be involved in the core activities of GM=EqAl. 

We want to hear from people with an in-depth understanding of particular areas of inequality and strong connections to relevant communities and networks. You do not have to already be involved already in strategic work to apply – support will be given as needed. 

Please find out more about the role and requirements in the document below.

Register your interest here.

Deadline for expressions of interest: 19th August 2020

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