Call for proposals: GM Talent Match - Stakeholder Consultation

GMCVO is seeking proposals from potential providers in relation to the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme. We are looking for a consultant (or consultants) to:

  1. initiate and deliver a stakeholder consultation plan which will lead to
  2. recommendations for the development of a GM Wide on-line resource for employment and support.

Currently GM Talent Match utilises an online resource called Opportunities Hub which highlights opportunities and support for young people to make positive progress towards employment.

This consultation with stakeholders is necessary is to determine if there is a need for a GM Wide on-line resource for employment and support, whether the current resource is ‘fit for purpose’ and to determine (following the consultation report outcomes and recommendations), what type of resource may be required should there be an identified need confirmed.

One on the aims of the GM Talent Match programme is to create a legacy for Greater Manchester following the end of the programme and this piece of work will contribute towards this.

We would be happy to consider a partnership bid. As both stages are quite unique, should you have expertise and experience to fulfil one of the stages but haven’t the remit of skills required for the other stage and/or relationships with other providers, please do get in touch and if possible we will attempt to broker contact with potential partners.

We require a proposal containing an outline of how you would approach the work. This should incorporate a proposed methodology and approach to the commission with details of how you will collaborate and communicate with the stakeholders. A total of £30,000 (inclusive of all incidentals and VAT) has been set aside for this work.

Please click here to download the Proposal Specification and details on how to apply.


Briefing Event

To assist the process, GM Talent Match will be holding a briefing event on Thursday 27th July 2017 (10am to 12pm) at GMCVO to allow potential bidders to ask questions and find out more information with regards to the procurement to assist with proposal design.

Please click here to book a place at the briefing event.



If you have any questions, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page. If your question is not answered below, please email with your question and you will receive a response within 3 working days. Any frequently asked questions will be added to this webpage. The final date for submitting questions is Monday 7th August 2017, we will not be able to answer questions submitted after this date.

The deadline for proposals is 12 Noon, Friday 11th August 2017.


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