Census output consultation

The Census output consultation is a chance to ensure you get the data you need at the level of detail that you want as well as any comments related to the Census.

A few prompts you might want to comment on:

  • What tables you want for the new topics: sexual orientation, veterans and gender identity? 

  • Do you need data for a non-standard geography such as neighbourhoods or more advice on how to rezone data?

  • Do you need tables on specific population groups such as Kashmiri or those in bad health or lone parents, for example?

  • What is generally more important for you – direct comparison with 2011 or having the latest data at a very detailed geography?

  • Do you agree with the timetable for the outputs or should some topics/outputs be released sooner? Is there anything you particularly need asap?

Email your feedback to Mike at censusgm@greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk for inclusion in the GMCA submission.

Deadline for feedback: 5th October 2021

More information about the Census output consultation is available at the ONS website

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