Clean Air Plan Update: February 2022


Government has agreed that the Greater Manchester charging Clean Air Zone (for HGVs, buses, coaches and non-GM licensed taxis and private hire) will not go ahead on 30th May 2022 as originally planned. 

The news comes after Greater Manchester (GM) said the current plan – developed under a legal direction to meet air quality limits by 2024 – was 'unworkable' and could have created financial hardship for local people due to changes in the availability and affordability of cleaner vehicles.

A new government direction now requires Greater Manchester’s 10 local authorities to bring nitrogen dioxide on local roads to within legal limits as soon as possible and by no later than 2026.

GM now has until 1st July 2022 to work with government to develop a new plan that will clean up our air while protecting livelihoods. 

Find out more on the Clean Air GM website.

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