Could you host faciliation sessions with Black adult women?

Does your organisation work with those who are aged 16 and over, identify as women and as Black? 
Sporting Equals is undertaking a research project funded by Sport England that looks at experiences of participation in sport, exercise, and fitness activities in women 16 years and older in England who identify as Black. This research is being conducted as data suggests a drop in levels of physical activity in Black women during Covid-19 (Active Lives Survey May 2019/20). 
Part of the research involves focus groups that will help understand the experiences and barriers towards their participation in physical activity before, during, and after Covid-19 restrictions.  
Sporting Equals are seeking 2-3 organisations who are able to host online or offline focus groups of 5-6 individuals per focus group (between now and Dec 2021).  
Hosting organisations will be renumerated £150 per focus group to cover costs of venue/ hosting and/or participant incentives.

Each focus group should take between 60-90 minutes. The facilitation can be carried out by someone from your organisation. You will be sent moderator guidelines so you are fully prepared for the session. Alternatively, Sporting Equals can run the facilitation, either online or in person.  
If your organisation is interested in this opportunity, please contact  the Sporting Equals North Activator Rashid Hussain on or call/text 07788 270413.  


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