The Covid Generosity Project

Two researchers based at Sussex University are conducting research that explores people’s experiences of human giving during the current pandemic. The focus of the research is those who feel that they have been on the receiving end of giving.

 Human giving could be playing an important role in these difficult times, in which there has been such a widespread loss of life, trauma and fundamental changes in how we live. As such, they will be paying attention throughout this research to the broader issues in UK society – for instance, how cuts in social and health services have created inequalities that affect how people are experiencing the current crisis. Overall, the research is hoping to develop new knowledge about how human giving can contribute to a post-COVID world.

The project is seeking to collect personal stories of giving and or generosity at the moment, and will follow people up in a year's time to see how experiences of giving travel over time. 

Please visit their website to read about how you can contribute:


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