Covid insight report

Please find attached below the latest Covid insight report from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

Interesting opinions/ behaviours this month include: 
•    Confidence in public transport is increasing with both users and non-users reporting increased levels of confidence in buses and trains
•    Half support the lifting of working from home guidance (50%), while 39% oppose
•    Nearly 7 in 10 people are confident in the ability of the NHS to deal with those who are ill with Coronavirus (69%)
•    Over two-fifths think that the government is planning to relax Covid-19 restrictions too quickly (43%), while 34% think they have got the balance about right, 13% think they are relaxing restrictions too slowly
•    Over three-quarters say they followed the lockdown rules of 2020, and don't regret doing so (76%); 13% say they did and now regret doing so, just 6% say they didn’t follow the rules

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