Developing social contact models in a time of social distancing

Concurrent with tighter new rules for Greater Manchester announced last Thursday, GMCVO-led programme Ambition for Ageing have today released a new report to help build more effective social connection projects for older people during the new operating environment of COVID-19.

As national and local rules change in response to infection rates, this report offers guidance that can be applicable in a number of different scenarios, from a world where social distancing is the norm to one where we return to complete lockdown It is important that we focus planning on how we live with COVID-19 rather than how we reconstruct after it.

John Hannen, Programme Manager for Ambition for Ageing said;

“With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, tighter restrictions to social connections implemented across Greater Manchester, and discussion over the weekend of a potential return to lockdown for groups such as those over-50, we are releasing this report into a time of uncertainty. We hope the guidance contained within will provide a starting point for those who are committed to increasing social connection for older people, outline some of the challenges we’re likely to face and give new projects the best possible chance of success.”

In order to reduce exposure to the COVID-19 virus some social activities are going to be limited and can’t proceed as they once could. In addition, as different people perceive and react to risk in different ways, social connection is best developed by taking a person centered approach and with recognition that there are as many solutions as there are people.
Click here to download the documents on the GMCVO website or visit the Ambition for Ageing website.

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