EMERGE Recycling Community Share Offer

EMERGE is offering the local community and the general public an opportunity to join them in pioneering reuse and recycling for social good by helping them to develop their longstanding business and deliver a revitalised Business Plan over the next three years.

They are looking for kind and compassionate investors, who want to make a difference and help their community in developing a more sustainable future.

In particular, EMERGE want to attract investor members who support the purpose of EMERGE Recycling rather than those seeking financial returns. As such, the level of return is designed to be the minimum sufficient to attract and retain the investment. Their financial modelling indicates that they will be able to pay up to 4% interest on members’ shares from the financial year 2024/5.

Your investment will contribute towards a brighter 2022, including:

  • A new depot inside Maynard House

  • Recruitment

  • Greener vehicles

  • Solar Energy and biodiversity

  • Digitisation development to enable greater operational efficiency

  • Begin the process of securing ISO27001

To find out more download the prospectus on the EMERGE website

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