Emergency funding for domestic and sexual violence support organisations

Earlier this week, Government announced that the Ministry of Justice (MoJ)  will receive £20 million as part of the COVID-19 Extraordinary Funding for organisations that support victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence which is to be distributed by Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC). The COVID-19 extraordinary funding is to cover a fixed period from 24 March to 31 October 2020 (inclusive) to meet the additional costs registered charities or social enterprises have incurred or will incur whilst adapting their services during the pandemic and to cope with demand increases resulting from it.  

Funding can be used to address costs associated with COVID-19 from 24 March 2020 – the first day of lockdown. Any spend that organisations commit to beyond the six-month period must be met through your own funds. The guidance and FAQ document attached provides further details.

The Greater Manchester allocation has been broken down into three ring fenced funds:

1.    Domestic abuse services that are already commissioned by PCCs £ 476,000 
2.    Sexual violence services that are already commissioned by PCCs and those that are not currently funded by PCCs £ 238,000 
3.    Domestic abuse services that are not currently commissioned by PCCs £ 238,000 

The total funding that has been allocated to Greater Manchester is £952,000.

This is not a funding award, rather the amount available for Greater Manchester to bid for.  As such and to ensure the funding reaches as many organisations as possible, please only bid for what you need, bearing in mind the fixed time period in which to spend the funding.

If your organisation wishes to apply, please complete the Excel spreadsheet below and return to Kathryn Wakefield Kathryn.wakefield@greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk  by 3pm on 1st June.  

Following the submissions and between 1st and 4th June, PCC will be required to assess each of the submissions against local needs and undertake a due diligence process, part of which will be to engage with local authorities.  A submission for GM will then be made to the Ministry of Justice on the deadline date of 4th June.

It is important to remember that this funding has been awarded by the MoJ to specifically address any particular demands that have been created by the Covid pandemic. Please note that, as this is an MOJ issued framework, PCC are unable to vary the terms.  Given the tight timescales, please can you ensure that you respond to each of the questions in the attached spreadsheet to the best of your ability and clearly reflect how your service has used/intends to use the funding to respond to the covid crisis and in the timescales provided.  If PCC do not receive the correct information, they may not be able to progress with your application.

It is expected that funding will be provided to organisations by the end of June 2020. 

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