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Economy is a national charity working to support communities to shape the economy to achieve what matters to them. They are currently exploring the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic on ordinary people, and finding out what they hope and think will come next- from work and pay to education and childcare - any of the big decisions on economic issues that affect us all.

Over the past five years Economy have asked thousands of people across the UK what they think of when they hear the word “economy” and time and again hear the same answers. Money, men in suits and lines on a graph (often plummeting)! Now in the middle of the biggest crisis to hit the world since the second world war it is clear that the economy is about so much more: health and care, housing, food and education, all of our lives every day. Economy want to change how people talk about the economy. Instead of focusing on economic growth and the stock market, they want to highlight the everyday parts of the economy we all use. They want people from all backgrounds and walks of life to share their views to show that everybody can be part of discussions on how we should run our society. 

Economy are looking for people from communities who are interested in sharing their voice on their experience, and/or what they'd like to see happen next, perhaps through an article or via an interview. If through an article, you would be working with experienced journalists who would be able to work with you to write as much of the article as necessary. It's a great opportunity for somebody who is keen to have their voice heard and would thrive from the support of a journalist to bring that out.

To find our more about how to contribute, click here.

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