Everyday experiences of co-production in GM VCSE organisations – journal paper published

In 2019, GMCVO researcher Susanne Martikke and Claire Hannibal, a professor at MMU Business School at the time (now at Liverpool John Moores University), conducted a small research study investigating how co-production with service users is incorporated into the day-to-day operations of VCSE organisations. The study, funded by the Community University Partnership Initiative, was developed in consultation with VCSE organisations and its findings were disseminated and discussed with participants and others at an event of the Greater Manchester Co-Production Network in December 2019 and at the Greater Manchester Third Sector Research Network in September 2020.

Susanne and Claire have now published a paper based on the findings in Voluntary Sector Review, a peer-reviewed academic journal. The paper reports on the perceptions of co-production in the VCSE sector from those directly involved and suggests organisational and individual factors that are important to successful co-production. Implications for practice are discussed by considering co-production relationships, time and resources.
To view the abstract, go to: https://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/tpp/vsr/pre-prints/content-vsrd2000006

To request a copy of the article, please email susanne.martikke@gmcvo.org.uk

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