The funding experience survey

The Institute for Voluntary Action Research (IVAR) and more than 100 independent grantmakers (who have signed up to be more Open and Trusting in how they make and manage their grants) want your views on how they can improve your funding experience.

What behaviours, processes and practices help to reduce the wasted time, effort and stress of fundraising and funding relationships? What changes could they make, and which of these matters most?

This survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete – and your view WILL have a direct influence because:

  • These grantmakers have committed to using the results of this survey to improve what they do

  • You can be part of our work on holding them to account for this promise 

  • Your replies are completely anonymous, so you can give honest feedback without any worries 

  • The results will be published and IVAR who will work with all their networks to persuade them to take your feedback on board

  • IVAR will send you the results of the survey, so you know what the sector thinks (if you choose to share your contact details)

Find out more and access the survey here

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