GM Equality Alliance: Year One Report

The Greater Manchester Equality Alliance (GM=EqAl) has grown and consolidated its role within the Greater Manchester equalities ecosystem since its launch in September 2020. With a secretariat based at GMCVO, it is an alliance of 35 community leaders and equality champions from across the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector, and all ten Greater Manchester localities. 

Funded through, but independent from, the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (soon to become the Greater Manchester Integrated Care system), GM=EqAl  connects communities to policy makers, and vice versa, to assist with strategic equality and diversity work within the sub-region. The group focuses on the intersections between different forms of inequality, channelling multiple perspectives and building trust through dialogue. 

GM=EqAl also produces a fortnightly e-bulletin as a resource for everyone involved in tackling inequality and supporting underserved groups and communities in Greater Manchester. 

The Alliance has published a report (with accessible summary) which provides an overview of GM=EqAl’s development and activity during its first year of operation. 

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