GM Independent Inequalities Commission publishes recommendations for tackling the causes and drivers of inequality

The Greater Manchester Independent Inequalities Commission has launched a report which sets out a range of measures for tackling disparities and transforming public policy.

The Independent Inequalities Commission was launched in October 2020 with a six-month mission to examine inequalities across the city-region, consider how they should be tackled and outline specific, ambitious recommendations.

The report, The Next Level: Good Lives for All in Greater Manchester, highlights a range of progressive actions already being taken in Greater Manchester and elsewhere and considers how they can be embedded within public service delivery at all levels, responding to the immediate challenges of the pandemic and pivoting towards new ways of doing things in the future.

The Commission is calling for wellbeing and equality goals to be put at the heart of the Greater Manchester Strategy, with public budgets and projects all geared towards redressing imbalances by building a strong economy and working with residents to deliver the best possible services.

Recommendations include strengthening the mandate of equalities panels, establishing an independent Anti-Discrimination body, working with education and training providers to bridge the skills divide, and community wealth building and investment initiatives. They also call for a target of 2030 being set for every employer in Greater Manchester to pay a living wage and offer living hours to employees.

The Independent Inequalities Commission was chaired by Prof Kate Pickett, Professor of Epidemiology and Deputy Director of the Centre for Future Health at the University of York. In November 2020, GMCVO hosted a discussion meeting between members of the GM VCSE sector and Professor Pickett, the suggestions no doubt contributed towards informing the visions and recommendations subsequently contained within the Commission's report. 

The report can be downloaded from The Next Level: Good Lives for All in Greater Manchester and you can read more about the Commission at Independent Inequalities Commission. You can also re-watch the launch event from this page.

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