GM VCSE Collaborative

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new VCSE ‘Collaborative’ following an overwhelming response to our call for members from the sector. The new group, which brings together existing and emerging leaders from a range of backgrounds, will work together to influence policy at a GM level.

In July 2020, a call went out asking for existing and emerging leaders from a wide range of backgrounds working within the VCSE sector to work alongside the Greater Manchester VCSE Leadership Group to build a new VCSE ‘Collaborative’.

The request generated over 100 expressions of interest to join the Collaborative, from which over 50 individuals were selected to become members of this new group. The final selection of candidates was based on the need for a wide variety of skills, experience, background, geographical coverage and areas of work.

The Collaborative will harness the passion, knowledge and expertise that exists within the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector, help influence policy making and create and strengthen collaborative working between the VCSE and public sector at a Greater Manchester level.

A series of induction sessions will be held over the coming weeks for members of the Collaborative to learn more about the policy landscape in GM within which they will be operating, and for members of the Collaborative to meet one another. They will also agree the structure, operational and working plan of the group. More information will be made available on the GMCVO website in due course.

It has been inspirational and heartening to learn more about what the GM VCSE sector are doing to support communities in these difficult times and we would once again, like to extend our thanks to everyone who expressed an interest in joining this group.  

If you would like to be involved, or would just like to be kept up to date, please sign up to become a member of the GM Collaborative Network here.


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