GM VCSE Health & Social Care Assembly – Substance Misuse, Friday 11th August 2017 - Speaker presentations

 Autumn 2017 will see the existing GM Alcohol Strategy refreshed and replaced by a new integrated Substance Misuse Strategy.

On Friday 11th August 2017 GMCVO convened a Greater Manchester VCSE Health & Social Care Assembly on Substance Misuse to provide an opportunity for a broad VCSE sector audience who directly support people in the community with substance misuse issues to talk directly with the public sector leaders responsible, and contribute to the new draft strategy. 

The assembly was chaired by Jennet Peters, Criminal Justice and Partnerships Lead at the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, with  David Gray, Business Manager – Drugs, Alcohol and Reducing Reoffending at Wigan Borough Council acting as key speaker. 

The programme for the event and the speaker presentation can be found below. 

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