GMCVO launches deaf accessible online events

We are proud to report that we have been working with Manchester Deaf Centre (MDC) to ensure that our online events are fully accessible to deaf and hard of hearing individuals. The work has included:

  • Deaf Awareness training for GMCVO staff

  • Assessment of the accessibility of our event registration and bookings systems

  • Creation of a bespoke British Sign Language (BSL) video to place on the events page of our website, providing BSL accessible information about the event registration process

  • Design of a dual booking system in partnership with MDC; this gives BSL users the option of registering for events through MDC where language barrier would otherwise prevent them from following the usual GMCVO website registration process

  • Provision of a ‘communication requirements questionnaire’ for GMCVO staff to use as part of our booking procedure

  • Creation of a ‘key points for deaf accessibility’ handout for event organisers and their speakers /presenters

  • Ongoing advice from MDC regarding individual communication requirements in relation to the format of a particular event

  • Access to MDC’s BSL interpreter and other communication professional booking service to provide live interpretation and note-taking during events

  • Support from MDC to promote events within deaf and hard of hearing networks

To view a list of current GMCVO events visit our event listing page.

If you are interested in working with MDC to help make your organisation’s events deaf accessible, email:

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