GMCVO position on Brexit

A survey of GM VCSE organisations was undertaken in September 2019 and received a good balance of responses from all districts and all sizes of organisation. The majority (60%) thought that leaving the EU would have a negative effect on their organisation, with only 7% thinking it would be positive. The top concerns were increased costs (82%), reduced access to public funding (82%), increased demands (64%), risks to employees and volunteers who are EU nationals (64%). Around half are worried about delays in awarding grants or contracts, reduced access to European funding, and legal and contractual changes. In addition, 85% of respondents thought that leaving the EU would have a negative effect on the people of GM. Leaving without a deal was considered more negative.

Through discussions at GMCA Brexit preparation meetings, GMCVO has become aware of some of the detail of the risks of Brexit to businesses and citizens.  We are involved in ensuring that risks to VCSE organisations and the people and communities they support are taken into account in city-region planning.

In the light of the above, the GMCVO board takes the position that Brexit should be considered a risk to VCSE organisations and that a 'no deal' or 'hard' Brexit would have a negative impact on VCSE organisations and the people they support. We are therefore against a 'no deal' or 'hard' Brexit. We do not support any political party and do not take a position on whether to leave or remain.

For general advice on how to prepare for Brexit for VCSE organisations please see here 

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