Greater Manchester Disabled People's Panel has shared a statement on shielding and the Covid strategy.

The position statement outlines how the panel believes the implementation of the shielding strategy without support mechanisms being in place lead to many disabled people being left without access to basic resources.

The statement also criticises the language used by the government regarding the shielding strategy and the lack of accessible communications provided e.g. absence of BSL interpreters and a focus on digital communications.

The panel states that the categorisation of disabled people as 'vulnerable' has regressed disabled people's rights. The results of a survey conducted by the GM Disabled People's Panel demonstrated that many disabled people also fell outside of the official definition of 'vulnerable' preventing them from accessing support.

The panel advises that public authorities and Government should look to other countries for examples of good practice in order to inform their approach to a potential second wave.

Read the full statement here

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