Greater Manchester launches toolkit helping employers create an age-friendly workplace

Analysis from the Office of Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) shows older workers are likely to play a key role in boosting an organisations performance as a result of their lower job turnover, management experience and general work experience. Further data also showed that having a worker over 50 increased productivity of co-workers, particularly younger colleagues.

GREATER Manchester has become the first city-region to launch a toolkit designed to help and inform employers on the positive impact an age-friendly workplace can bring.

The Age-Friendly Toolkit for employers aims to help businesses reap the benefits of a thriving and age-friendly workforce. The toolkit includes information on flexible working, how to hire age-positively as well as advice on how to encourage career development at all ages, and is based the five principles established by the Centre for Ageing Better in their guide to ‘Becoming an Age-Friendly Employer’.

An online event is taking place next week for employers to learn about the positive impact an age-friendly workplace can have on their business. The webinar, taking place on Thursday 19th May, is free to attend and features a panel of speakers from The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter and Centre for Ageing Better who will be able to give expert advice to those attending.

To find out more on the Greater Manchester Combined Authority website, click here

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