Greater Manchester Youth Homelessness Contract

The commission will be to 'develop a new model of homelessness prevention for under 35 year olds delivered through a social outcomes based contract'. The estimated value of the contract is circa £8m over 3 or 4 years. Greater Manchester wants a project that will provide young people who are at risk of homelessness, or homeless, with a targeted intervention aimed at preventing these circumstances whilst also equipping them with the tools they need for life and work.

GMCVO is looking to lead a partnership of VCSE organisations to deliver this contract. At present it is at the stage of discussing the proposed model with possible providers and social investors so we don’t know the final details. But we are engaging in the process to make sure smaller VCSE organisations won’t be accidentally excluded, and we think a VCSE-led bid will be welcomed.

At present we are expecting an official advertisement end of March, and a deadline in May.  For more information please refer to the attached document below.

If you might be interested in delivering and would like to be kept informed, please register your interest here.

File Attachments: 

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