Growth Company seeking providers for the EnterprisingYou support programme

The Growth Company are looking to procure a large number of providers to assist in the delivery of EnterprisingYou; a pilot commissioned by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority designed to support Greater Manchester residents aged 18 years or older who are self-employed, running their own business (including social enterprise) or working in the gig economy. This includes people who receive work from a company or an agency but are registered as self-employed and responsible for paying their own taxes.

The programme is focused on supporting clients whose income is low or unstable, with a total annual personal income less than £27,000 gross. Clients receive 26 weeks of fully funded support, tailored to their needs. They work with a Business Coach who will help them create a personal plan. In addition they can access personal financial support, health and wellbeing support, careers information, advice and guidance, mentoring, training and personal development activities.

The Growth Company have put a call out for a broad range of providers who can deliver the training and personal development element of the programme; so they can offer an extensive selection of activities to meet the diverse needs of everyone seeking help. This activity should complement and enhance the core aspects of the programme rather than replicate it. It can be vocational skills, skills to further support the running of the business or develop personal effectiveness, health or wellbeing. They would welcome more offers for generic skills training such as Web Design, First Aid and Market Research but also practical skills training in many areas such as health and beauty, construction and catering.

Delivery can be consultative, group or digital but currently everything is delivered remotely. All activities must demonstrate how they will help the client make their business more efficient, sustainable and profitable, boost skills, increase income or help casual workers find roles which offer greater stability.

If this is something you might be interested in, further information about EnterprisingYou and becoming a partner can be found on their website 

The Growth Company have organised EnterprisingYou pre-tender information sessions. If you would be interested in attending, please email

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