Have your say: GMCA open data consultation

In summer 2019, GMCA launched the Greater Manchester Local Industrial Strategy to help set long-term priorities for our regional economy, ultimately to ensure good jobs and better public services locally.

This was the first of such local plans in the UK, created after a consultation with local people and reviewed by expert analysts, and it highlights the importance of data – including its use and re-use – to places like Greater Manchester.

Open data was found to be a strategic priority, particularly its potential to help support transport changes in pursuit of a greener society, but more generally, so it can be used by anyone to make life better for everyone. 

Open Data Manchester has now been asked to fulfil the region’s ambition to understand how open data is currently being used by different sectors, what value it brings, what open data needs there are, and find out any accessibility issues or challenges. To do this, they are running a series of focus groups over the next month, covering academia, business and the voluntary sector as well as a survey that anyone can contribute to. 

The date of the next session for the Voluntary and charitable sector is as detailed below – Register to attend.

  • Session 2 – Thursday 26th November 2020, 10-11.30pm.

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