Important information for VCSE organisations who deliver health and social care services in GM

In February 2021 the government announced proposed changes to the Health and Care bill. This includes a change in the way health and care services in the UK are commissioned (funded).

If your organisation delivers health and social care services and/or activities in Greater Manchester (GM) and receives funding from a GM Clinical Commissioning Group or other health and social care-related body, these changes will affect your organisation.

What are the changes?

The attached document explains more about the proposed changes but in summary;

  • Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are currently responsible for commissioning all health and social care services.  From April 2022 CCG functions will join up and become part of a new NHS body called an Integrated Care System (ICS). 

  • Decisions will be made about which services and activities are done together as a health and care system, and what is done at local and community level.

  • Funding pots and contracts may change as new groups and people take control of decisions around what services and activities are funded

When are the changes due to take effect?

The formal change will take place in April 2022, with the impacts being seen sometime after this date.

What is happening in the meantime?

There is a lot of work happening behind the scenes to work out what an ICS will look like in GM. Members of the GM VCSE Leadership Group are involved in the process and we have held two VCSE Assemblies to ensure that VCSE organisations in GM have a voice in the discussions.

What can you do now?

We recommend that you take time to ensure you understand the changes so that you can anticipate what might happen under the new arrangements and how you may need to adapt. Please refer to the attached document for more detail and sign up for our Health and Social Care VCSE Engagement eBulletin to stay up to date with developments.

You can also view the presentations and recordings of the two Integrated Care System Assembly events we held on the GMCVO website.

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