Improving Health & Social Care in GM: Have your say

The University of Manchester needs your help to develop new ideas for health and social care research in Greater Manchester. 

NHS organisations and care services in Greater Manchester (GM) have created the GM Care Record to help improve health and care services across the region.  To help them understand the answers to some of the most pressing health questions, local trustworthy researchers have been given safe access to deidentified health and care data from the Care Record. This means that all the information that researchers will have access to, which could identify a person, including their name, NHS number and address, is removed before university researchers can use the data. 

This incredible resource can help inform the future of our region’s healthcare services. 

The first studies that have used the data in the GM Care Record have supported the response to COVID-19.  This is helping to understand some important health questions such as: 

  • what are the trends and risks to public health of the COVID-19 infection

  • which communities are at highest risk

  • how the disease affects those with other health conditions

  • how best to prevent and control spread of COVID-19

The team are now ready to develop ideas beyond COVID-19 and they want to do this by inviting the people of Manchester to submit ideas. By sharing your ideas about how health and social care can be better you will be helping Greater Manchester to prioritise its health and research, and YOUR idea could become a research project! 

You are encouraged to think about whatever YOU think should be looked at – but you can also get an idea of what is possible from the list of current studies here. Not everything will be possible to answer with the GM Care Record data: but don’t worry about this – they just want to know your ideas.

When everyone’s ideas have been collected, the team will will assess which could be answered using the GM Care Record. Then they will hold a ‘sandpit’ style workshop: an interactive meeting involving small groups with different skills and expertise to define and discuss ideas. These will be held at 14.00-16.00 on the 3rd and 5th November. Researchers, clinicians, data engineers, data analysts, health and care workers and the public  will all be invited to bring their skills to the sandpit.

You can share your ideas by just filling in this short form before the 15th October. 

You can also indicate whether you would like to attend the sandpit workshops in November.

For any questions, please email the team at

For more information about the Greater Manchester Care record and the current studies using the record visit the GM We Are Better Together website

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