Infographics highlight Youth Panel efforts and personal growth

As GM's Hidden Talent enters the final two months of delivery, we've taken stock of all that our Youth Panel have achieved over the past two years.

These infographics (also attached below) are a reminder that first and foremost the Youth Panel are volunteers who kindly give of their time to drive forward GM Hidden Talent's Strategic objectives. These are:

  • We will use our knowledge of positive and inclusive recruitment practices to influence regional employer engagement and mainstream employment support programmes, strategies and initiatives. 
  • Local authorities will include hidden young people in their NEET reduction and prevention strategies. 
  • Job Centres will adapt their offer to alter young peoples’ perceptions of services and make them accessible. 

The infographics also highlight the personal impact of participating in the Youth Panel in terms of the group's  growth in confidence.

Before the programme ends, the Youth Panel will be busy desiging a suite of legacy activities that build on the advice of our employer toolkit whilst also working closely with the Department of Work and Pensions to help shape their Stockport Youth Hub. 



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