IWP research on unequal impact of Covid-19

The Inclusion and Wellbeing Partnership (IWP) Is an equalities forum linked to the VCSE Leadership Group and Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership. The IWP is part of a collaborative effort to collate evidence of the way different GM communities have been affected by the lockdown, and find out from VCSE groups on the ground what issues need dealing with now to prevent further avoidable problems developing.

The IWP will do its utmost to influence recovery plans for GM, flagging up priorities and potential blind spots and the intersectional nature of issues. In order to do this, they are also looking for stories and examples to inform a hard-hitting GM response to the Women and Equalities Select Committee inquiry into the unequal impacts of the crisis.


  • What have you needed to do to support people through the crisis?

  • Can you give a few of examples of difficult issues people are facing?

  • What have you struggled to do because of the restrictions?

  • How could these problems be resolved, or how could they have been avoided?

  • What issues do you see coming down the line which need addressing now?

If you would like to assist the IWP in this work, please contact Hannah [hannah.berry@gmcvo.org.uk / 07726 888521] to arrange a phone call, or email your answers to some or all of the questions. The responses will be anonymised, or not, according to their preference. 

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