Join the Greater Manchester Equality Alliance (GM=EqAl)

The GM=EqAl Working Group is looking to co-opt up to five additional VCSE members to increase our reach thematically and geographically. 

We are looking for people who:

  • Are passionate about tackling inequality and have a deep understanding of particular marginalised groups that would complement our existing membership

  • Are willing to share their expertise and to link GM=EqAl to other forums, networks and grassroots communities

  • Enjoy working collaboratively and intersectionally

  • Are comfortable engaging with decision makers to influence policies, strategies and practice

  • Can commit to a monthly 2 hour daytime meeting and at least 2 further hours a month 

Applications from Bury, Tameside and Trafford especially welcome.

A small bursary is available to those who would otherwise face financial barriers to getting involved in work outside of their organisation.

Applicants should complete this form by the end of Tuesday 18th May. 

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