Leading candidates for Greater Manchester Mayor will be committed to our manifesto for a new relationship – don’t forget to vote on 4th May!

On 7th March 2017, six of the Greater Manchester mayoral candidates and a full house of VCSE people from across the city region assembled for a hustings specifically about the future relationship between our sector and the Mayor and GMCA.

Candidates responded to a range of questions on subjects from homelessness to commissioning sent in advance and from the floor – very openly and helpfully. Importantly, the leading contenders specifically committed to implementing the manifesto for a new relationship (you can read the manifesto here).

Many thanks to all who attended. For those who couldn't make it, you can watch the whole event by clicking below.

(Please note that this video is two hours long. To make viewing this video easier, we have provided time stamped links to each question within the description on YouTube. To use this feature please click here.)

The newly elected Mayor of Greater Manchester will be a significant figure. They will have significant decision-making powers in their own right over transport, housing and planning, fire and police services and will also wield considerable “soft power” within the GMCA. They could have a big effect on the future of all VCSE organisations and our ambitions. All candidates for election as the Mayor of Greater Manchester were sent a copy of the “Manifesto for a new relationship with the VCSE sector” and were invited to attend the hustings.

See candidate details below:
Andy Burnham - Labour
Sean Anstee - Conservative
Jane Brophy - Liberal Democrat
Peter Clifford – Communist League (apologies) 
Schneur Odze - UKIP
Stephen Morris - English Democrats
William Patterson - Green Party

You can find out more about the mayoral election on the GM Elects website.

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