Manifesto for a new relationship between the GM VCSE sector and the GM Mayor

Our Chief Executive, Alex Whinnom has today sent a manifesto from GMCVO to all mayoral candidates and Greater Manchester leaders.

Here is a note from Alex:

"The manifesto has been developed in collaboration with other VCSE leadership organisations and networks in Greater Manchester.  We would like to see a step-change in the way the Mayor, the GMCA and local government relate to our sector, which would play on the strengths of all parties.

I’ve been leading GMCVO for nearly 15 years, and personally I think the relationship has changed for the better over that time.  However, given the pressures and opportunities we are facing as a city region, there is still a lot more we could do. The manifesto is a brief summary which we hope will open up some discussions".

You can view the manifesto here.

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