A new guide to help community organisations produce research that gets taken seriously

Our new research guide builds on learning from Ambition for Ageing’s Ageing Equally research project which supported small community organisations with conducting research, and GMCVO's wider work in supporting research in the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector in Greater Manchester.

The guide is intended to support people in community organisations who are not formally trained research specialists to undertake community research that can enjoy more credibility with its intended audiences. It seeks to complement existing research guides and resources by specifically focussing on the relevance of the concept of trustworthiness in community research and signposting readers to freely available resources on the Internet.

When it comes to producing useful and important research findings, community organisations are experts in many respects. They understand the needs of their communities and about gaps in policy and service provision, as well as having good networks to recruit volunteers and participants. However, many community-based researchers are self-trained and the credibility of community research can be undermined by the perception that small organisations are undertaking research simply to prove a case they want to make on behalf of themselves or their community, rather than being objective inquirers.

The guide covers trustworthiness, ethics and bias as concepts that all researchers should be aware of, whether their research project is big or small, and then provides quick overviews of how to apply these principles to each stage of the research process. As a result, this guide is a resource that readers can dip in and out of to get a quick overview on the topics of their choice, supplemented by signposting to additional resources.

Read and download the guide on our website.

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