New report: ‘It’s about people, not just Place’: How community organisations support older people in dispersed communities

GMCVO-led programme, Ambition for Ageing have released a new report that shares findings from a research project that commissioned ten community organisations to deliver activities for dispersed communities over a three-month period to find out more about the kind of support that older people from these communities need to stay connected as they age.

By dispersed communities, we mean a group of people who share an identity or experience – such as seeking asylum, being Deaf BSL users, or having the same faith - who do not all live near each other in one area. This means they have to travel away from their neighbourhood to meet up, buy the food they prefer, get the support they need, or practice their faith together.

We found that place-based approaches have limitations in terms of meeting the needs of all marginalised groups meaning that these kinds of approaches can even further exclude marginalised older people who are members of dispersed communities of identity or experience.

The report recommends that organisations involved in delivering place-based working – whether funders, mainstream VCSE organisations or local authorities - should ensure that programme planning is based on a thorough understanding of the people, assets and relationships in the area to ensure dispersed community members aren’t further excluded.

Furthermore, community organisations are vital and should be utilised to support dispersed communities. Longer term funding for these organisations, as well as funding for social infrastructure, is necessary to ensure these communities can be supported.

Read the full report on our website.

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