New research project will explore organisations’ role in enhancing community wellbeing through advice giving

GMCVO Researcher Susanne Martikke will be joining a research project to look at the role of communities and connections in social welfare legal advice.

The project is funded by The British Academy, in partnership with the Nuffield Foundation, as part of ‘Understanding Communities’; a £1.1 million research programme to strengthen communities’ role in wellbeing. Over the next two years, six research projects will engage with communities to improve understanding of the characteristics that make some communities more vulnerable or resilient than others.

Susanne will be co-investigator on one of the six projects, which will be led by Sarah Nason, Bangor University, with a team including the UK Advice Services Alliance, Ministry of Justice, and University of Exeter.

The project will examine how community characteristics and social networks affect people’s access to advice through the lens of four case study local areas. The research team will look at the role of locality and identity-based organisations in helping people access advice, and explore how access to advice services interacts with community connectedness, equality, and wellbeing. GMCVO will lead on the research activities of the project in Greater Manchester, where one of the case study areas will be located.

The project aims to provide evidence for policymakers and practitioners to respond to local needs and overcome barriers to access.

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