New strategy for radical overhaul of public services launched

Two new documents have been created by the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership and Greater Manchester Combined Authority today which set out the most radical overhaul of the way public services have ever been delivered in Greater Manchester – with people’s health and the NHS at its heart.

The key features of these documents are:

  • A White Paper detailing the launch of a new model for public services with health benefit at its heart by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority. (This document has not yet been published) 

  • The launch of a new five year prospectus for health and care agreed by the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership

  • Three years after devolution deal, positive signs that health gap with rest of England is narrowing as Greater Manchester begins to turn the tide

  • Greater Manchester described as “a global epicentre for health and social care innovation”

To learn more about what has been achieved in Greater Manchester since the devolution of its health and social care agenda from central government in 2016, click here

To read the prospectus document and White paper documents and to have the opportunity to have your say on either/both documents, click here

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