Online lectures featuring academic perspectives on voluntary action

In times when VCSE organisations are busier than ever it often feels like a luxury to step back and reflect. But engaging with research can be both inspiring and useful. When changing circumstances require us to adapt our approaches and design new ones, good research can help us understand the underlying factors that cause issues to occur and guide us in our redesign work.

GMCVO is launching a new lecture series that aims to link VCSE practitioners to academic ideas and evidence. The series will feature leading academic thinkers on topics that are relevant for the VCSE sector and voluntary action. Hosted online, the format will combine a 30-minute lecture followed by an opportunity to ask questions. These lectures are a great opportunity to explore new ideas and evidence conveniently from the comfort of your own computer.

The series aims to give voluntary sector audiences and policymakers an opportunity to step back from day-to-day concerns and think more broadly about topics and ideas that can inform everyday practice.

The first lecture in the series, “Back to the Future? Voluntary Action, the State and Welfare Provision”, looked at what history might tell us about the future role of the VCSE in welfare provision. Watch the recording on our YouTube channel.

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